Change Is Good

When major changes happen in our lives, sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that all is well, and change is good.

Change is how we grow the most and it’s how we get to experience what we want.
When we want or wish for something, life will begin to change to meet our wishes.
At first the changes may look not so good; change in job, the ending of a relationship, your living environment, etc.

But really, all is well, sometimes we just have to experience what we don’t want in order to move towards experiencing what we do want.
It’s all part of the plan; to grant you your wishes and help you learn and grow.
To top it off, you’re surrounded by ‘guiding forces’ all along the way.

Reflect on your life for a moment, see how the pieces have come together.
Notice how you have ALWAYS been supported, loved and guided. Notice how many people you’ve been able to help because of what you’ve experienced in your life.
And notice how through it all, you continue to have chances to make some great choices.

So I’d like for you to smile with me this BIG :-D because
All is WELL, and Change is Good.

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