Empowering Action Step

How to turn your fears and challenges into MASSIVE Action today!
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Here we GO!
What better way to get the day started then with an Empowering Action Step.
I’m going to share with you a way to overcome running away from your fears & challenges, and move you towards reaching your ultimate goals…

Many of us create our own fears, frustrations, and limiting beliefs. Which then turn into feeling scared, uncomfortable, making up excuses and then running away.

These energy’s prevent many of us from taking action.

But what if, instead of focusing on (lets say) fear and seeing it as an energy that stops you,
why not use that fear to fuel you towards taking action?
Why not channel any disempowering thoughts/emotions and use them towards taking that next step…going that extra mile…and pushing just a little more.

Now that means, that it’s gonna take…no more buying into your excuses, no more coming up with reasons of why you can’t do this or that, no more believing certain thoughts in your head, no more allowing your fears and frustration to overpower the manifestation process and prevent you from reaching your goals.

I know it can be easier to run away and give up then to take action and create bigger, better results. But just know that you always…ALWAYS have a choice…And the wises choice is to continue to Learn, and continue to Try Until You Get It Right.

Let’s put this to use and start right now:
I would like you to share with all of us; to declare to this amazing universe your next action step.

What are you going to do today to get you closer towards reaching your ultimate goal?
And then share a meaningful reason of why you’re taking this particular action step today.

For instance, 1 of my action steps was to write about this particular topic, and the meaningful reason behind writing about this topic is to get you moving towards reaching your goals.

So your action step can be anything; it can be going to yoga class and trying out a new pose, learning how to swim, going to the gym, finally purchasing that book or course that you know will benefit your life- Anything you’ve been putting off, anything you’ve been avoiding that you know in your heart needs to be done…

You now have a choice my amigo, What’s it gonna be?

Are you going to come up with an excuse of why you can’t take an Action Step today?
or are you going to go BEYOND your limiting beliefs and Reach Your Goal?

Remember, the ones who don’t allow fears and challenges to over power them are the ones that will take Massive Action and Create Bigger and Better Results.
So click on ‘Leave a Comment’ share with us your action step for today, and your meaningful reason behind it. This will feed your vision and hold you more accountable :)

I look forward to hearing from you!

Can you just imagine how far you’ll go if you take atleast 1 Action Step every single day?!
OhMyGosh! the Possibilities are Endless!!!

Here’s to Your Infinite Possibilities ;-)

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6 thoughts on “Empowering Action Step

  1. Well I’ve always wanted to be in a school play so my action step for today is to go to my school and get information on the next play to audition. Great post Angie! thanks !

  2. You’re going to get info on auditioning for a play?! That’s so Awesome Monique! :D I’m super excited for you. Thank u for participating. Much courage, inner peace and focus your way :)

  3. Hi Angie, my goal is to learn another language. I purchased a cd and book now I need another cd player as mine broke and the cd and book are still not opened yet. Add a cd to my budget if I can. Love your post. God Bless and have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day. :)

  4. Another language, wow that’s really cool. Well, I’m glad you already have the material and don’t have to budget for that too. All you gotta focus on is saving for a cd player. Make it happen Corinne, I’m rooting for ya! ;) Love and Blessings your way~

  5. Patty you’re an inspiration to us all. Thank you sweet spirit, thank you for your shinning light. You are very much Loved, Guided and Supported :)

  6. Well for me I have alot going on, but this is the on going theme of my life. I have so much going on around me that needs my attention I forget to do something for just me, I use to think it was selfish to do something for just me. Sadly I use to work all the time and then it’s was needed to do things for my children or grand children or extended family. So Now I am just recoveing from major surgey, which has taken longer then I expected, I am jobless and I am going to be a so called empty nester in June. For the first time in my whole 48 years of life I will be living alone, it will be just me. It’s kinda scary. I have to say I am doing your ‘online letters’ for me to get my life where I want it to be. For me my current situation is one of the universe is making me stop and see things I never notice about how much of who I Am. I am going through all my books and paper in my basement that I have not seen in years, pictures my children drew, Pictures other children drew for me, it’s is helping find out what is the next step in my life, ofcouse it’s work but Im not going back to just work and coming home and doing house stuff. Im going to go and finish my BS in counseling. I want to learn to paint not just rooms in my house.

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