Tai Chi

Tai Chi for Beginners – Free Classes
San Pedro / Culver City / Long Beach

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Let’s Come Together Release Tension, Increase Balance and Feel Completely Relaxed with Tai Chi.
Tai Chi is a Graceful Series of meditative movements that help maintain physical health, well-being and spiritual essence.

Join Us as we practice 24-form Yang Style, an ancient Chinese form that helps create a healthy balance of
Yin-internal energy with Yang-external energy.

We Suggest wearing comfortable clothing and bringing a bottle of water.
Please dress according to weather conditions – protecting yourself from both hot or cold temperatures.
These classes are free, they are made possible through contributions.

Who Can Do This? Anyone can learn Tai Chi – any age, all levels of fitness.
If there are any medical condition, injuries, pregnancy, etc. please consult with your doctor prior to attending.

Tai Chi for Beginners San Pedro – Indoor and Outdoor classes available.
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Tai Chi for Beginners Culver City.
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Tai Chi ~ Moving Meditation Long Beach.
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Looking forward to seeing you there! :)
Instructor: Angie Sierra
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~ What People Are Saying ~
“Great class! A great way to relax, get exercise, raise energy and enjoy the outdoors. I’ve never done this form before and I really love Angie’s style – don’t stress about getting every move perfect before moving on, you can practice part of the form at each class and refine each section as you continue your practice. Will definitely be back for more.”

“The experience was surreal. I had my expectations and they were exceeded. Angie is a wonderful, positive and excellent instructor. I am definitely looking forward to next week’s class. It was a pleasure meeting the other attendees. Thank you Angie and I will see you next week.”

“My first ever Tai Chi instruction was the best. Angie is a patient and wonderful teacher. She explains the moves in an unhurried way so you get to practice each one and then puts them all together. I was very comfortable and it was the best day I’ve had in months. The members are all friendly and I loved that Angie took out time to share so we could get to know one another. This is the class I’ve been waiting for and can hardly wait for the next one. The rest of my day was full of energy and an overall feeling of peace and wellness. Thank You, Angie. You’re a phenomenal teacher and kind spirit. Namaste”



Tai Chi 24 Form – Front View with Angie Sierra

Tai Chi 24 Form – Back View with Angie Sierra

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