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I am overflowing with gratitude :)

Recently, I mentioned to a handful of my Tai Chi members that I plan to create an online Beginners Tai Chi Course,
and that I’ve been setting aside funds to put towards equipment, camera, editing software, etc.

They said how great it would be to reach those interested online, as well as
introduce Tai Chi to those that have never tried it.

To my surprise within days of these conversations, I received donations to put towards equipment!


Thank you Monique
Thank you Joanie
Thank you Chris
Thank you Alma

The support has been so wonderful that it has inspired me to offer anyone who donates $1 or more, free access to the course as soon as it’s released!

Keeping the Ball Rolling!
Thank you Isabel
Thank you Jazel
Thank you Marie
Thank you Wendy
Thank you Alicia










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